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                           They Came With Love

                                              Written by Janette Oakman

All the faces looked at me in anticipation as I searched for the face that I was looking for. I had learnt many years ago to push out of my mind, the hopes and the prayers that were dashed each time ‘their’ face wasn’t picked. Even if I could have been the one to choose as to who I spoke to next, which I will state I can’t, how would one choose, I just don’t know.

Out of the sea of faces all became blurred except for one. Our eyes locked and her grandmother marched over to me and stood by my side holding a hamper of food. ‘Yes that’s her’

"I want to come to you, bless you" I nodded my head as the lady realised that I was speaking to her. A big burst of emotions got me, the kind you get when someone you love gives you a great big hug as the warmth of their arms hold you tight. "I have your grandmother here she comes with lots of love and she’s giving you a great big hug. She is holding a hamper of food."

The lady nodded her head, even though she was four rows back, I could see that she was feeling emotional, "Yes thank you, I brought her a hamper every Christmas"

As soon as the lady finished speaking I was aware of my right foot aching, "Are you having problems with your right foot as mine is really aching" I laughed to help lighten the link between us. In my mind I could see a foot stall just as her grandmother told me that she should use it.

"Yes I have actually" the lady sounded shocked that I should know this.

"Well your grandmother has just shown me a footstall and she’s telling me that she wants you to use it."

The lady laughed, "Yes that sounds like her, it was actually her footstall, we brought it for her birthday one year."

She smiled lighting up her whole face and then it all went very blurred. I tried to focus my eyes but it was just impossible and as just as quickly as I had accepted this, my eyes cleared again and I could feel a pair of glasses on my face. "I’m not sure if you’ve been to the opticians or not lately, but my eyes just went very out of blurred and then someone has made me wear glasses"

Again the lady laughed, "Yes that’s my husband, blind as a bat without his glasses but trying to get him to wear them is another matter"

Mentally I spoke to her grandmother who was still standing by my side very patiently, ‘Is there anything else you’d like to me to say?’

‘Please tell her thank you for everything that she did for me, I was a bit cranky sometimes but I never stopped loving her and I never will, I’ll always be there for her.’

After repeating word for word everything that her grandmother had said, and I’d thanked her grandmother for coming through, I felt the tug on the bottom of my jumper. Instinctively I looked down and standing shyly behind me was the most beautiful little girl I’d ever seen. ‘Tell my mummy I love her please’ even though she was smiling, the emotions of love, respect and sadness almost brought a tear to my eyes.

‘Of course I will honey, who is your mummy?’ and as soon as I’d thought this the little girl ran over to the man in the back row. ‘But where is mummy?’ I asked as there were no women in the back row, just one man.

‘Mummy wouldn’t come today, she was too upset’

All the faces in the room were again looking to see whose I would choose to go to next, the man in the back row wasn’t even looking at me. Instead the man gazed down in to his lap, little did he know that his daughter had just climbed on it. "I’d like to come to the man in the back row please."

When there was no reply all faces turned around, even the little girl’s daddy. I’d seen this before, some people are so sure that they won’t get a message that even when you choose them, even if they are in the back row, they will look over their shoulder to see who the next message is for.

"Yes the man with the black coat on, can I come to you please?" He was unable to speak; I could almost feel his Adams apple burning and the lump in his throat. He sat up straighter in his chair and his daughter came back to stand by
my side. "I have a very beautiful little girl here for you, earlier on she was standing behind me and she pulled my jumper to get my attention before running over to you and sitting on your lap. She’s standing over here again now". I gave her daddy a few seconds to control himself as I could see he was struggling and I knew through experience that it would be a lot easier to communicate if he had time to adjust.

"She has been talking about her mummy." For answer her daddy just nodded, I don’t think he could have spoken.

"She wants you to tell her that she loves her mummy" again he nodded, "Her mummy couldn’t come today she said as she was too upset?" again he nodded and a tear ran down his face and the little girl ran over and caught it in her hand and dried his face.

I smiled as it was such a loving gesture, but I didn’t want to embarrass the man especially seeing how upset he was already, ‘Tell him that I always catch their tears and that I want them to have dry faces from now on, go on tell him’

Your daughter is adamant that I tell you this, if you want me to stop I will. "NO" He took a deep breath, "Please go on, I’m fine"

"Okay, your daughter says that she always catches yours and her mummy’s tears and that she wants you both to have dry faces from now on, she’s very insistent, she even said, go on tell him’.

"Yes she was a minx" and I saw his first smile.

"Can you tell them that I’ve seen their new house and I’m pleased they are moving closer to Nanny."

When I repeated her words his mouth just gaped open in shock. "But how did you know about that?"

I laughed at his surprise, "Your daughter just told me sir"

‘I can see everything you know, sometimes when I come to visit I bring granddad with me as well and granddad loves daddy’s new car’

Again I repeated what I was told, I could sense that the child was getting tired so I thanked her and gave her my love.

All the faces again looked up at me, this was the part I always hated. The part of the evening when I had to say that there wasn’t going to be anymore messages. But I trusted spirit enough to know that tonight they had chosen those that received messages well.

I always felt so honoured to be able to work for spirit in this way, to be able to bring comfort to so many people. To bring back hope when they had thought all hope was lost, to show them that there was so much more after someone passes and that they never leave us really, that life does go on, just in another way. To me the biggest message is that love never stops, love carries on as love is something earned in life.

© Janette Oakman

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