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                                   The School Of Life
                                                       Written by
                                                   Janette Oakman

"Welcome to ‘The School Of Life’, brought to your homes via Astral Vision. For the benefit of any new viewers this evening, I shall just go over the rules very quickly.

Each day, 3 contestants will be nominated within the school. It is up to you the viewers, to decide as to who will be chosen to leave. Let’s see as to whom our teachers have nominated today.

Mary Brauning, an estate agent from ‘Internet _Homes.Com.’ Mary has been with ‘The School Of Life’ for forty-five years now. She is single and owns the latest red convertible.

Dray Wimslown, a cook who does voluntary work in his spare time. Dray has been with ‘The School Of Life’ for twenty-seven years now. He is a happily married man with four children.

Barl Croayln, is currently between jobs. Barl has been with ‘The School Of Life’ for thirty-four years. He is currently single, but has a child out of wedlock whom he currently doesn’t see and resides with his elderly parents.

To make your choice, please use the handset provided. Press one for Mary, two for Dray and three for Barl.

Before making your decision, let us go and see as to what each of the contestants has been up to today. First we will go to Mary"

The damp tickled Mary’s nostrils as she entered the second house that day. Even though it was dark in the hallway, the small dark shape that scuttled across the room couldn’t be mistaken. It was too large for a mouse, only a rat would be that big. Mentally she reminded herself to take her suit to the cleaners afterwards.

Laughing out loud to herself, Mary remembered the last property; she sold that was rat infested. Looking down at her right hand and at her diamond ring, she laughed again and kissed the diamond as she hoped that soon, she’d have the finances to buy the bracelet to match.

Going quickly from room to room, she noted the bad condition of the
décor and that the smell of dampness was in every room. From twenty feet away, she could hear a tap dripping, probably from the kitchen. In all she thought the house was probably better off being demolished. Mary had always hated anything ugly and to her, this house was exactly that. A loud constant banging from the house next door made her jump and she could hardly hear herself think as what sounded like about ten very large and angry dogs started to bark. With her head aching Mary decided to head back to her office.

Within an hour, the details of the property were uploaded to the Internet.

Modern family home, good condition in quiet area…

Driving home, Mary couldn’t get the image of the matching bracelet out of her mind. Licking her lips in anticipation, she felt overwhelmingly drawn to look at the diamond ring on her right hand and didn’t see the traffic light ahead change to red…

"Now let’s go and see Dray, remember don’t try to vote until you have seen all of the contestants’

"Daddy’s home!" Dray opened his arms, scooping up his youngest son, Jake. Before long, Tabatha, Cherry and Dray Jnr were hanging onto his legs, fighting to get their daddy’s attention.

"Hey kids, there is enough of me for you all, there is no need to fight!" and to prove his point, as he did every night when he returned home from the restaurant, he scooped all four children up one after the other, until each had been hugged and kissed.

"Hi Honey, about time you got home!" just as all the previous nights, Belinda was leaning on the door frame watching with a huge smile upon her face as the kids all tried to tell their daddy at the same time of their days.

Giving his wife a hug and an affectionate kiss, he then went into the living room to play with the children until it was time for them to go to bed. His favourite time of day was tucking them up and reading them a bedtime story.

As usual, after the last set of eyes had closed, he had a quick bath and ate his dinner. Dray knew he was the luckiest man alive, to have such a warm and understanding wife and such great kids as he kissed her goodbye for the second time that day to pick up the pensioners for their bingo night.

Belinda waved her husband goodbye as he pulled away in their blue estate car, missing him already.

Dray couldn’t believe his luck as the red traffic light ahead changed from red to green without him having to go down in gears as he hated being late picking people up…

"Now let’s go and see Barl."

"Mum!" Barl bellowed, "Mum!" then started to hunt for the remote control that had fallen down the back of the sofa cushion. At first his hand pulled out a half empty bag of crisps and then an old chocolate wrapper before locating the remote control.

"Yes Barl, did you call me?" His mother answered between breaths as her angina had been playing up all week and walking from the kitchen had left her breathless.

"Be a poppet mum and make us a coffee!" Barl gave her one of his sweetest smiles and pointed the remote control at the TV set. "Thirty channels of rubbish!" he said angrily until he found a music channel. "That’s more like it!"

"What is son?" Barl looked over to the seat beside the sofa surprised, he had forgotten his father was sitting there. He tried to ignore his father, as he tended to just sit there and stare at the walls, day in and day out.

"Here you go Barl." Barl took the mug from the outstretched hand and turned to his father. "Is there any chance I could have some housekeeping money this week Barl?"

Barl’s face dropped, "But mum, you know I haven’t got a job and I spent all my social money on cigarettes!"

With a smile of understanding, Barl’s mother nodded that she understood, before picking up the old chocolate wrapper and the half eaten bag of crisps and carried them into the kitchen to throw them into the bin.

"Dad, can I borrow the car tonight?" Barl asked whilst again flicking through the channels with the remote control.

"Sorry son, but I only have enough petrol to get your mother to the hospital tomorrow to see the

Angry at his father’s refusal, Barl grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Desperately in need of the pint
that waited for him, he didn’t even bother looking as he crossed the road by the traffic lights. Barl just walked straight off the pavement into the road without waiting for the lights to change….

"Okay, now you have seen all of today’s contestants. Now it is your chance to decide as to whom should leave, ‘The School Of Life’. Remember though, you must explain as to why you chose that contestant. Please press your buttons, now!"

"Whilst we are waiting for the results, let’s go to our audience and find out how they voted. Will the occupier of seat number 58425179 please stand up.

"Hello, would you like to let us all know as to who you are first?"

"My name was Grisham, I was in ‘The School Of Life’ for eighty-three years."

"And who did you vote to leave tonight and why?"

"I voted for number three. Barl is a lazy person and is mean to his parents and doesn’t
deserve to stay in ‘The School Of Life. In my opinion he deserves a kick up the arse!"

"Thank you, you may now sit down. Will the occupier of seat number 256984 please stand up, explain who they are and tell us whom they voted for tonight and why."

"Hi, Will here, I was in for sixty-seven years. I voted for number one. I have always hated estate agents and she is more interested in self gain than the wellbeing of others!"

"Thank you Will, please sit down. Will the occupier of seat number 1 please stand up and explain who they are and whom they voted for this evening."

"My name was Sally I was in ‘The School Of Life’ for fifteen years. I didn’t vote for number one tonight as I felt that Mary has to learn to think of others more often. She also needs to learn to forget about material things as she regards them far too highly, as she does her own appearance. I also feel that Mary needs to learn to be very careful about what she wishes for.

I didn’t vote for number three tonight either. Barl needs to learn that life is there to use, not to make others do things for him. He needs to learn that those around him have feelings and needs. All I witnessed was total selfishness and at times I thought him to be rather cruel. It didn’t occur to him that his father stared at the walls, as he didn’t like what channels he chose to put on the TV.

Tonight I voted for number 2. Dray has learnt a lot in life. He has learnt to love and also to share that love. He is considerate to those around him and goes out of his way to help others. He is totally unselfish in every way. His natural ability to give hope to others less fortunate than himself is beautiful.

Dray has nothing else to learn within ‘The School Of Life’"

"Thank you Sally, let’s see if our teachers agree with you. Will our teachers now please stand.




"Thank you, you may now all sit down.

As usual, I wont tell you who has been decided to stay within ‘The School Of Life’ I will show you.

Mary looked up sensing something was wrong. By the time she noticed the red light; it was too late. Turning her steering wheel with record speed, she tried to avoid the blue car. In slow motion, someone appeared from nowhere. They walked straight out into the road. Again she swerved, hoping not to dent her car.

Dray couldn’t believe what was happening as he hit his brake pedal in record time, but it was no good he couldn’t stop. Quick thinking made him try and steer the car into the curb. Just as he did this, a man appeared from nowhere.

He just stood still watching!

Barl stood completely frozen watching at the two cars ahead of him… He closed his eyes, waiting for the pain that was about to come…

Without a moment’s hesitation, Dray pulled on his steering wheel as hard as he could whilst hitting the brakes, knowing he would go into a spin. Praying as he did so that he wouldn’t hit the man.

The blue saloon car turned over, just as the red convertible hit the rear end.

Barl watched on in horror, still unable to move as the blue saloon turned onto its roof. Before he had time to do anything, large flames engulfed both cars.

Without a thought to himself, he ran over to the nearest car.

The red convertible’s door had been flung open in the impact. Barl released the driver’s seatbelt. Ignoring the heat from the flames that ravaged her expensive suit, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to safety.

Blood ran down her face from a deep gash. Laying the driver on the pavement, he then turned to help the other driver, totally ignorant to the fact that her right hand was missing.

A loud explosion followed by debris, threw him onto the pavement behind him. Tears fell from his eyes, as he realised the driver couldn’t possibly have survived. The convertible’s petrol tank had exploded.

"Let’s give a round of applause to contestant number two! As he now joins us here in the studio."

"Welcome number 45871265974578 formerly known as Dray. Congratulations for completing ‘The School Of Life’. You are now free to meet all of your loved ones. I believe they have prepared a big party for
you tonight to celebrate your life within, ‘The School Of Life’.

" I am proud to announce that Sally, seat occupier number 1 has now been promoted to teacher. Please all give Sally a grand applause for reaching this stage in just fourteen stays within ‘The School Of Life’.

Now viewers don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night, as we have three brand new contestants for you all."

© Janette Oakman
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