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The Golden Shroud

Written by Janette Oakman

Inspired by Spirit

In a land that time forgot and water ran freely, stood a lonely figure dressed in a shroud of golden fabric weaved from the sacred thread that only he knew existed.

Ancient scriptures had warned him many years earlier that soon the thread would no longer exist, so for years and years the man hid the knowledge of this thread from every soul alive. Concerned that his tongue would wag, he spent many many decades in solitude.

The day he died went unnoticed for many hundreds of years and with him, the golden fabric weaved from the sacred thread also went unnoticed.

When the lonely figure reached God, he took God’s outstretched hand and thanked him for receiving him in to the kingdom of heaven, then he turned his head to make sure that he couldn’t be overheard. "Don’t worry God, I protected the sacred thread after reading the ancient scriptures and never spoke a word to anyone alive on earth or in prayer."

God smiled his love at the man, knowing how unselfish he had been. He also sighed to himself knowing that the unselfish man had fulfilled the prophecy, for not sharing, showing or speaking of the sacred thread to anyone, having so well hidden it, the sacred thread now no longer existed.

For sometimes a prophecy can be changed, all you have to do is listen to the warning written within it.

If the man had worn his golden shroud and walked openly amongst his fellow men, during his lifetime and for many hundreds of years later, his fellow men would have shared the story with their children and their children’s children of the man who wore the golden shroud made with the sacred thread, then and only then would the prophecy have been avoided.

Today so many men and women have seen and shared God within their lives and yet for some unknown reason they hide him from their friends and families. Just like the golden shroud, if only they had walked amongst their fellow men wearing God not only in their hearts but also in their deeds…

Can you help God change the prophecy?

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