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Here are some words from people that have had readings either private or within a church service with Janette Oakman or they have attended one of her workshops or held a medium party in their own homes.

You can request a reading by following this link Request A Reading or you can contact Janette directly to enquire about her coming to your home to hold a mediumship party on 07984 777917. Janette Oakman is always happy to hear from mediums secretarys either by phone or by email janette_oakman@hotmail.com if they would like to book her to run either a workshop or to serve their divine service

Private Readings

From Mia

Janette was kind enough to try and contact a family member who passed to spirit for me, although Janette explained that she may or may not make contact we were blessed. Quite a few things that Janette picked up on were so accurate that it stunned both my family and myself and brought so much comfort and reassurance that our loved ones are no longer in pain and are happy.

From George

hi Janette I am astounded at the accuracy of the readings that you have done for me When I consider that you are in the U K and I am in Ireland and we have not seen or spoken to each other I am amazed The portraits you done for me were instantly recognisable and the messages that accompanied them were uncannily accurate Some of the things that came in the messages were known only to me and my Parents who are long since passed I found it a great help to me and gave me inspiration and direction in my life It also verified for me that the things I am doing and the path I am following are correct Janette your messages came from spirit and I am forever greatful George

Divine Services & Clairvoyance Demonstrations

From Carol 

This lady is a very special channel for spirit, her essence gives forth a subtle sincerity with carefully delivered spirit evidence. Pleasure to know you Jan x x x x x

From Jacky

Seen Jan work on platform, and do very accurate readings.Also had a one to one with her and she was spot on. very spiritual lady. made me feel special.

From Leo

 I have seen Janet working from the platform and can see she is a gifted medium. I would reccomend going to see her.

Exploring Psychic Art Workshops

From Cora

 I thank you for all that you give of yourself to others without a thought for yourself. You are a truly gifted and beautiful lady who showed nothing but kindness to myself and my brother.

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