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Are You Stumbling At The Moment?

Inspired by Spirit

Written by Janette Oakman

Sometimes there isn’t a clear route for your feet to take and you may feel that you are stumbling but really this isn’t the case, just as a child tests the ocean tentatively with their toes before jumping straight in… they may walk a little further down the coast line, just in case the water is warmer further up or may have less stones to hurt their feet, so is life.

Life is all about finding the right place to jump in, to feel safe and secure when you decide to submerge yourself within the sea of life… some may stay on the shoreline for a lot longer than others as for the moment, their toes haven’t adjusted to the temperature of their hearts haven’t steadied to a beat that tells them that everything is okay.

When the moment comes to walk, swim, dive within the ocean of life, it is a magical moment. You take a deep breath in as the cool water catches your breath… the excitement can be quite exhilarating for some but for others, they may need to leave the ocean for a little while and try again later… that is okay, there is nothing wrong in doing this at all, it is all about going at your own pace and this can also be likened to your own spiritual awareness as it unfolds… test the water with your toes, if you feel comfortable walk a little further in but however hard you jump or dive, the water will only reach the level of your own understanding.

A slowly blooming flower within a vase or a flowerbed or even a pond, is the most beautiful sight... you’ll pop back every now and again to see if it has opened a little further and may even give up looking and then turn your head to see it has opened to reveal the most beautiful colour with the most sense satisfying fragrance that you have ever witnessed before. The wait having been worth it and you’ll reap the benefits of having shown patience and understanding… until the next flower starts to open.

No one can come up and pick you up and throw you in to the ocean of life, oh they might try but it will be to no avail… for only you can float, swim or paddle within its waters and only at the level that you have learnt in the past or within that lesson. Never feel disappointed for having failed an exercise within life, perhaps the lesson was to fail, or to show you that you can’t dive before you have learnt to swim.

So before you enter the sea of life and test its waters, consider this first my friends. Some of you will be Olympic swimmers, some of you will be sports commentators but only the highest spirit within yourself will ever judge you.

God bless

© Janette Oakman

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