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Spiritual Unfoldment


Words from my guides and inspirers

Today I thought I’d ask my guides and inspirers to explain to us all the importance of spiritual unfoldment and to give their views on the right pathway to find this within ourselves.

Many people believe sadly, that one has to join many workshops or to read many books or even to sit within circles for many years to learn how to develop spiritually and to unfold a part of themselves that others have either said is there to be unfolded or they themselves feel is there within themselves to be brought out in to the open.

What many people do not realise is this, that the key to the golden pathway of spiritual unfoldment is actually within themselves. All the information is there within you to find and once found, it unlocks the doorway to another part of you that is currently hidden.

For if you do not notice the trees as you walk down the road, what is the point of understanding the force behind those trees. When you have noticed the trees and have begun to sense the power within them, there is no point in teaching you that there is another doorway that will show you how to walk the pathway to the spirit world where you can receive teachings directly from your guides as you haven’t learnt yet to understand the gravity that sensing the power within the trees can bring to you. Every tree begins with a single seed, that needs to grow over many years, it needs to experience many different types of weather and will survive through droughts, floods, high winds and sometimes even fire.

We hear many ask if they also have a guide and what that guide does for them, and what clothes the guide does wear. Would a teacher give a three year old child the theory of relativity, no because he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the meaning of it. Sometimes it is easier to explain to the child that one day there is something wonderful called the power of relativity that will be taught to them, but first they have to grow a bit.

For every lesson we learn In life helps us to grow in one direction or another. It is when all these lessons have been combined that you can then learn to notice other things. Would you really like to have everything explained to you, when finding this information out for yourself can if you allow it to be, such a wonderful spiritual experience that you will remember for many years to come.

Help is always at hand, for those days when you find it hard to see as to where your feet should tread. Spend a few minutes each day learning to sense and feel this help around you. Find it within the power and energy force of all living things that are around you. Soak up and inhale this power and feel yourself rise forever swiftly forwards.

Have you noticed that on the days when life feels so hard, that it is harder to lift your feet and walk along your pathway? Could it be that a lesson from your past is actually stopping you from walking forwards? If you are finding it hard to lift your feet today, ask for guidance to help you to see the lesson that needs to be looked at and perceived in a different way to what you usually see it.

It is when you have learnt to see your past in a different light, that you really experience the beginning of spiritual unfoldment as each and every event that has taken part in your life has affected you in some way to make you feel the way you do today.

So the answer to the question originally asked… how can you unfold spiritually is simple… Ask yourself this question honestly, How are you feeling today? And then ask your memory to help you remember as to how you came to feel this way. By learning to understand the lessons in your life, your world will begin to open up many doors for you. You will walk forwards with a lighter step. Remember always that old saying… the hardest critic is yourself …and if someone else is today being your hardest critic, then you need to learn to understand why. Perhaps today’s lesson is how you perceive other people and why they have reacted in the way they did to you, to then fully understand what today’s lesson really is?


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