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Spirit Portraits and Photos

On this page you will find spirit portraits alongside photos of the person that I drew that families have kindly agreed to let me share with you all. I would like to say a very special thank you to them. A couple of the photos shown were found on the Internet so I have been unable to approach family, but hope that displaying the photos here in this way doesn't offend anyone.

You can order a spirit portrait in my Web store . Please note that all readings are to be considered as for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot guarantee that any one person in particular will come forward to be drawn. If you do not recognise the person I cannot offer a refund as you are paying for my time and you may not recognise them instantly, sometimes it can take awhile for you to realise whom has been drawn.



 This lovely man was instantly within minutes recognised by his loving family and like a real trouper he came through with more evidence once we'd connected. All previous information given to me whilst drawing was understood and verified



This lovely auntie came forward to be drawn today, whist I was doing a reading. Lots of evidence also came through clearly showing the different personalities of two very special ladies and that, memories really do live on with them x



 This lovely nan came through to be drawn, as you can see she has shown herself younger in my portrait. A truly lovely lady bless her.



This lovely man stepped forward o be drawn today in his hospital gown, a pencil behind his ear and connected to a drip. He was recognised instantly by his lovely daughter in law and son.. what marvelous evidence. He was a carpenter and always put his pencil behind his ear.. there is certainly no doubt to me after their reading that our loved ones do live on and that they also retain not only their earthly memories but also the love that they have for us x




Days like today I am so proud that spirit are able to use me and my pencil. I drew this portrait today and also gave lots of information and straight away I had many people come forward to claim it. I do believe this portrait was drawn in a way, where many of you could feel the love of your loved one and feel hugged but I also do believe that the lady in the photo is the lady that I have drawn andconnected with. So if all the info and the photo remind you of your loved one, please take their love and know they are also thinking of you today x

Amazing Story


Last night I drew this lovely lady's portrait as a psychic artist, I had never seen this photo before and the lady isn't a friend on my facebook either. 
When I posted the portrait I also added this information
Something was up with this persons hair as I kept feeling like I was maybe wearing a wig or extensions or maybe even a half wig.. but I'm sure if you know the face you will understand.. I could have sat and played with her hair all night as she loved me working on her hair. Life isn't always fair and I really don't feel it was to her.. where is her bicyicle? Do you know who this is? April could be a sifnificant month
The lady in the photo is an amazing woman who is still with us, but last night the same night I drew this portrait, she had all her hair shaved off for charity to raise funds in memory of her friend that had ovarian cancer.
This lovely lady also had her bike stolen a couple of months ago and she has her friends wig still.
How amazing is this, to know that as this was happening, her friend then came to me to get me to draw her friend, her way of saying thank you. 
If you would like to make a donation to the charity here are the links to do so.


A beautiful grandmother proving that her love continues and so does she

Determined Auntie


This lovely Auntie didn't just want to have her portrait drawn, but came through with lots of symbols and dates etc and it all makes total sense to her family. I do love working for spirit in this way, to prove that our loved ones are always with us and that they retain their memories and still watch over us x

Meet Me In The Library


Meet me in the library.. I drew this wonderful man and his wife recognised him instantly. She messaged me but I was busy about to run my online circle in a private group. I went to the private group and typed up the evenings meditation where you had to imagine you were outside a library and that you should walk through the doors and someone would be there waiting for you... by accident which at the time couldn't be possible as I only had two windows open which were for my private group, I clicked post but none of my students could see the meditation.. somehow (don't you live spirit) it appeared on my timeline... the lady instantly messaged underneath when she saw it "My husband was a librarian".. 
He knew how important her faith was to her and he made sure at a time when she really needed to know, that he was ok and that he was still with her.. how wonderful is that? to know that even after leaving his earthly overcoat, he still has so much love for her and respect for her feelings that he came forward in this way.. No a message wasn't enough for him, he wanted her to see him as well. 
Now if you look at the image I drew he isn't wearing glasses but apparently he used to putsh them up a lot , this quite often happens with spirit portraits if someone didn't like wearing their glasses much. I don't over worry about hair etc with portraits, I ask my guides for evidence that I can see and they didn't let me down... a true spirit portrait isn't just about a 100% likeness its about capturing the essence of the person and sometimes they like to be drawn at a younger age than when they passed over to spirit.

Lovely lady

This lovely lady came forward to be drawn. I never see whom I am drawing as spirit inspire me to draw in a certain way when I'm working. Having seen her photo, I know it would have taken me hours to create a portrait from her photo and even then, I doubt to this standard and this was drawn in just a few minutes.. that my friends is when I know if a portrait is drawn by spirit or by me

Special Dad

This lovely father in law allowed me to draw his portrait upside down and using my left hand (I'm right handed) I'm told he was a bit of a joker, so I'm sure this way of drawing appealed to him. 
This is a spirit portrait, I had no prior knowledge of this person when I drew this portrait


 As part of an experiment, I was trying to draw a lady's nan with the help of spirit. This is the portrait I drew and the photo is of her nan. Information was given to me that was relevant and all names were placed. Do you think its the lady in the photo that I've drawn? Remembering that I can draw someone at any age (they choose not me) and its their energy that I am drawing, their essence

Amazing Lady


This totally amazing lady came to me to be drawn yesterday and the information she gave me was brilliant. She not only shared the year she passed to spirit, but her grandsons occupations, a recent big birthday within the family and much much more. There was no doubt to me at all, that this is the same lady as I've drawn. I'm told that I have drawn her in a way that everyone remembers her. and yesterday (the day I drew her) was her grandsons birthday. I am totally in awe of what love can accomplish sometimes and this is certainly a true example of how love never dies

Two Portraits

I posted two portraits with a lot of information on and it seems that this lovely nan gave the information for the first portrait and then appeared in the second portrait, with more information. We feel that the first portrait may be of someone that is still living. Now this is what I call a very determined lady bless her.

Message from Mum

This wonderful mother came forward to be drawn for her daughter but instead of the curls, she told me to draw her with straight hair. Her daughter only has one other memory of mum with straight hair, and that was when she had came out of a coma in hospital... is this mum's way of saying 'look I'm no longer sleeping, I'm very much alive and with you again'.

Amazing Gran

This beautiful nan came forward today and what a star she is as she also allowed me to draw her whilst I created a video at the same time.
You can see the video by following this linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HYZ0dGuSr0

Dear Friend

This lovely man came forward to be drawn yesterday and bless him, he only passed to spirit a few days ago but already he has come through to show his loved ones that he is okay. Lots of evidence showed that even though he looks a lot younger in my portrait, it was certainly him who was giving the information. 
I also did a video of myself drawing this video which you can see by following his link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R-hed37Vp4


This beautiful Aunt came along to be drawn and gave a lot of information about herself as well. So not only did the image really catch her niece's eye but the evidence proved to her, that it most certainly was her Auntie. Some might say, 'oh you just caught a family likeness' this portrait was drawn without any contact from her niece, just placed on facebook with the information that I'd been given and the niece contacted me on seeing it. I didn't know I was drawing for her at the time.

Beautiful Nan

This lovely nan came forward to be drawn and as as soon as her grandaughter so her, there was no mistaking it was her nan. After the photo was taken nan being much more drawn in the face and she always wore really old fashioned nighties that had lace around the collar just as I've drawn on her portrait. Nan even told me how she was almost blind by the time she passed over and all this was confirmed, plus other information to prove that it was her nan that I'd drawn. As she got older it was harder for her to put the curlers in, so the top of her hair was always straight, just as I've drawn here with curls at the side.


This beautiful lady came forward to be drawn today with some very exact information. Two ladies came forward but as you can see the resemblance is remarkable here. Only a couple of things couldn't be taken but sometimes we forget or we will find out later as to what else has been said.

Beautiful Lady

This beautiful auntie came forward to be drawn but also so that I could video myself drawing her whilst giving clairvoyance. The bottom right photo was taken just a few weeks before she passed over. I can confirm that nearly everything I said, including the photo frame and oxo were taken and fully understood.. oxo was actually a code for someone non food related but very important.




A special dad that came through to help his daughter today to learn how to draw portraits. The funny thing being as I was drawing I gave her some evidence and she thought at first it was a grandfather but then the portrait changed and she realised I was drawing dad and all the info I had given her fitted in to place. Her dad also gave her some work to do as I only drew on the left hand side of the paper and he told me that she had to draw on the right hand side... so a dad that gives homework! ha ha lovely man x


I created this portrait last night and at the time I was going to colour all of the top in pale blue but put the white cardy around her.. notice how the daughter in the background is wearing a white top.

Daddy's Little Angel

This beautiful little girl gave me a lot of evidence about herself and all of this was verified through mum

Birthday Surprise

I was asked just over a week ago to draw a portrait but felt I couldn't and had to wait, so today I just had to draw it... turns out it is this lovely lady's birthday today, she obviously wanted to surprise her loved ones

An Experiement

This was an experiment. I asked a friend if she could name someone that she would like me to draw a portrait of. She gave me their name and nothing else, so I had no idea of age etc I didn't manage to get the person she asked for, even though I am kicking myself as I saw a lady and didn't draw her, instead I drew in my normal way and I've drawn her sister. So later I will try and draw the lady I saw originally to see if perhaps I should have swapped hats and drawn as Jan instead of through inspiration as I normally draw. The lady has the exact hair here that I could feel, so a big smile came to my face when I saw her photo x It is interesting to note that I was inspired to draw brown around her and in this photo she is wearing a brown dress x






This lovely man has been reunited with his family. I was given a lot of information to confirm all the information I had been give. He always had his hair in a quiff but sadly there aren't many photos of him but I felt the connection the instant I saw his photo next to my portrait.



Along with evidence that I gave with the portrait, proved to the person that I was drawing for that, it was beyond doubt her gran that I had drawn.


As you can see this portrait was drawn in September 2011 but today (12th April 2013), her daughter found her. Enough evidence was given to prove that the portrait was of mum.

Annie Besant

I have an interesting story for you all. On the 2nd March I drew a portrait and felt that Marlene would connect with it. Well on Sunday 10th March, Marlene Ogle from Letchworth Spiritualist Church mentioned the portrait to me at their church and pointed to a photo of a lady on the wall that was part of the Theosophical Society many years ago. I couldn't really remember the portrait at the time clearly and just remembered so went hunting for it and I thought I'd do a google to see if I could find the portrait that she had pointed to. (Have a laugh with my guides as they know I will always google) Well blow me I found this very interesting lady in my church for photos and she is Annie Wood Besant who was president of the Theosophical society in 1921.
Now for years I've been given the name Annie by so many mediums and on one of those occasions I think I was working at a psychic supper at Hitchin Church at the time and whilst waiting for a reading from me a medium had picked up a lady called Annie that worked with me and that she felt was a suffragette or something similar. Well having researched this lady I really am wondering if this is the same lady that the medium saw that night. I can't remember who it was that told me this at the time as it was about 3 years ago...



This very determined man wasn't going to let distance between myself and his lovely wife stop him in getting himself heard. This portrait was drawn whilst I laid in my bed and later placed on facebook with information to see if anyone would recognise him. I drew this portrait in the UK whilst his wife is in New York, we had never spoken to each other, she was just a friend on my facebook friends list. As with a lot of my portraits drawn this way, the date was also very significant to his wife and all the information he gave me whilst I was drawing was also accepted by his wife who kindly allowed me to share his photo with you all.


This portrait was ordered through my shop on here, I'd never spoken to the lady that ordered the portrait, nor were we connected on facebook at the time. When the portrait was completed I sent her the scanned copy of the image through email. She has kindly agreed to allow me to share her photo with you all so you can see the likeness between my portrait and her lovely auntie.


When I drew this portrait one evening I heard very clearly War horse as I finished and as I had only ever heard of the film I did a google for war horse and then looked at the images and I came across this photo. As you can see there is a great likeness here, as far as I'm aware this person is still with us and If I've understood the information correctly, he actually helped to train the horses on the filmset of war horse and played a role... coincidence? untill someone else comes forward saying they can take the link of war horse and the likeness drawn I will never know but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

An Auragraph

Must say I did enjoy drawing this portrait. I thought I was going to draw a rose and as I'm not good at drawing flowers thought I'd google one I could draw and then spirit said Orchids as I went to type.. so I typed in rose orchids and this is my interpretation of what I felt spirit wanted me to draw. There is a beautiful butterfly that hasn't got all it's beauty yet, so I feel that this portrait is meant for someone that has already started their transformation but as yet haven't seen all the beauty that these new changes can bring about for them.
If you look down to the bottom right, I had to laugh as it reminded me of an elephant trunk.. so I do feel this person has had to be a bit thick skinned lately. Maybe there is a long distance call that needs to be made (thinking trunk calls, I'm old but not that old, isn't this what they used to call long distance calls?) Also the elephant has a long memory.. perhaps it is time to allow some healing to take place?
If you look up the stalk to the flower nearest the eyes, it reminded me of an angel, so I do feel this is for someone that would be aware of the angelic realms, I feel they bring them peace.
Look to the right of the angel and you see what looks like the mask of a cat, so I also feel they love cats or is it the masquerade?
If we travel higher up the stalk I was told to put up a ladybird but sorry artistic skills soon mucked that up, then I realised that it looks like a mouse's head popping out the top, but if you look again it could be a bud about to open. To me this is saying that it is time to stop being so timid to move forward so you can bloom. I feel a lot of hesitancy here.
The funny thing about the butterfly is, it also reminded me a lot of a moth.. so are you feeling yourself drawn towards something but don't truly understand as to why?
I also feel that the rose orchid rather then the rose was used to show your delicate and rather special uniqueness and that spirit would love you to allow others to see this as well.. let your fragrance tickle the noses of the unbelievers.. is what I just heard.
May will also be significant in some way as well as Russell.
Now as far as I'm aware this is a spirit portrait and yet I've just read it like an auragraph... so if you can take all of this information, who have I drawn?

As you can see someone came forward after I posted the original portrait on facebook, not only could they take all the information that I had drawn, but then shared their photo with me.. Not only is the portrait a remarkable likeness of them but also the flowers that I'd been told to draw are also visible in the background.


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