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Spirit Guide Portraits

Here you can see some of the spirit guide portraits that I have drawn.

You can order spirit guide portraits in different sizes, click on the link below that you wish your guide portrait to be drawn in

A4 - approx. 297 x 210 mm / 11 3/4 inch x 8 1/4 inch

A3 - approx. 297 x 420 mm

A2 -

Go to my Web store to order your portraits

 Please come back soon as I will be creating a page that explains all bout spirit guides as a medium I have answered many questions in the past and my page will be based on those questions, as I believe there is a lot of confusion regarding as to what a spirit guide is and who is our spirit guides.


You can find more examples of spirit guide portraits that I have drawn by looking at my gallery  Spirit Guides

1 A4

  2 A4

3 A4

4 A4 

5 A4

6 A4 

 7 A4 



 8 A4 









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