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Before explaining how to use psychometry, I think it is important to understand as to how and why it works.

If you imagine that we all have an energy force within and around us. That each time we touch something with any part of our bodies or in some cases even our auras, that a little piece stays behind. Imagine a child that has just been finger painting who has wandered around without washing their hands… every single thing they touch would have a bit of paint on it, so you would know exactly where they had been if you followed that paint trail… Now imagine that child having grown in to adulthood and they still haven’t washed their hands after painting; each time they painted they used a different colour… Imagine the paint trails that would be everywhere around your home, on your tables, cups, spoons, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, sofas, beds, door handles.. Speaking as someone that has seen this in her own home when a child has wondered away from the table just once… trust me to say your house would look like a rainbow would be an understatement.

Now imagine that the child had been wearing a ring whilst they painted.. There would be such a strong and thick build up of paint.. It is this build up of our bodily paint that a medium taps in to when using psychometry. Basically the medium holds the ring and tries to tap in to see all the different colour paints, see when and where they used those paints, how were they feeling the day the used the blue paint for example. It is even possible to sense if they were or felt alone.

If the medium had chosen the door handle for example, which is covered in paint, her reading would be very confusing indeed, as everyone who has touched that door handle leaves their own little bit of paint.. Where as the ring has only ever been worn by the child.. So it is only their own paint that is there. I can prove this to you..

Have you ever sat down in a doctors waiting room, a church, cinema, pub and felt different. Let me define different… you went in to the pub in a really cheerful mood, you sit down with your drink and instantly, you feel your mood start to change, you might even feel an ailment that wasn’t there before. Perhaps you are feeling anxious, sometimes you might even suddenly feel angry with the world and your great night out end up in arguments.. When you get home, you look back and really can’t understand as to how this change took place… It is highly possible that the person who sat on the chair before you did, was in this mood that you are feeling and as a sensitive, you then sat on the chair and picked up how they were feeling.. But not understanding, actually thought it was your own mood or ailment that you were feeling.

Don’t panic if you do get this a lot as it is easily remedied.. Learn to make a habit of brushing a chair down with your hand before you sit on it.

Now let us learn how to do psychometry.. Let us start with ‘Bottom Readings’.. get someone to sit in a chair for a few minutes and then sit in that chair and say out loud the very first thoughts that come in to your head.. You will be amazed just how much you can pick up. You should pick up things like their moods, their ailments and maybe even their worries etc… basically you are reading a small part of their ’paint’.

When doing your ‘Bottom Reading’ you changed the way you used your body… remember how it happened… did you feel yourself totally sensitising yourself, not just your own bottom, but your own aura, in fact you probably weren’t even aware of your bottom at all.

Ask someone that is around you if they have something that you could hold, that no one has ever worn before except for the person it belonged to. Ask that someone to only respond in three way.. YES, NO, MAYBE, NOT SURE.. Tell them that they can answer you fully later. It may be useful to ask them to write down what you say.. Even get them to write down, I SAW, I FEEL, I SMELL, I TASTE, I HEAR, I THINK

Hold the object in the palm of your hand and in exactly the same way as you did when doing the ‘Bottom reading’ start to say the first thoughts or feelings that come in to your mind.. Feel your body, does anywhere feel different.. Does your mind keep thinking of your right kneecap but you don’t know why for example?.. That is an ailment, say it out loud as well. Even if something that comes in to your mind sounds stupid, say it out loud be brave.

If you sense spirit there may be a time when you realise that a spirit communicator is with you, if that happens put the object down and then do exactly the same thing… reach out your senses, notice your body, share everything that you sense or feel or hear or see.

Psychometry like many different methods that we use as mediums is like a muscle.. Just as an Olympic runner first started to crawl, then walk, then skip, then run.. They also learn that the more often they exercise the muscles that are needed to run, the stronger they become and the faster they learn to run… the more you practice psychometry, the more you will learn and the stronger you will become and the deeper you will be able to sense.

When the exercise is over, take note of what you did more, SEE, FEEL, TASTE, SMELL etc

When communicating with spirit it is important to know how many times you said these things as it will show you your strengths. Before I did this, I thought I was stronger as a clairvoyant and was surprised to see that I was actually much stronger as a clairsentient which is clear feeling, clear sensing.

Watch out for the amount of times you said ’I think’ as a medium should never think.. If they are thinking they are changing what they received to try and make it fit to how their mind works.

Please do let me know how you get on if you do decide to try this as I’d love to know.

God Bless

Janette Oakman

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