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Online Psychic Art Correspondence Course

Online Psychic Art Course

 Are you interested in psychic art and wondered if you too could become a psychic artist? Perhaps you have already been sitting to develop psychic art but would like to take your development to the next stage? Would love to attend a course but distance or travelling prevents you from doing so?

This is a bespoke course that is designed to fit in around your family and your personal needs. You decide when you sit to complete the exercises that are set.

Janette Oakman psychic artist, medium and teacher will be not far away to offer advice through out the course, either by phone (house phones or she can provide a mobile number where you can ring her) or Skype (with or without video face to face), Facebook chat, or email.

When the course fee has been paid, Janette Oakman will arrange a time that is convenient for both of you to get together for an initial assessment and chat. During this conversation at least one of the exercises will be given to you. It is important at this stage to speak as Janette genuinely wishes to cater to where you personally are in your development and her guides will offer advice where necessary.

Each week there will be three exercises set, that will help you to not just develop your artistic skills, but to also help to deepen your mediumship so that you will also gain more from the artwork that you create during and after the course. So this course is really ideal for anyone that feels blocked at the moment. At the end of each exercise Janette will speak with you again and she will help to answer any questions or experiences that occurred whilst working.

As this is a totally bespoke course, tailored to your needs it is also ideal for the total beginners as well. Match stick men artists are very welcome and will be given a lot of helpful advice.


 Price £80 Four weeks tuition will normally cost £80 and will include the initial assessment, 12 exercises spread over four weeks and personal mentoring after each exercise or at the end of each week depending on your personal needs and wants.  Please follow this link to book your place on this course, please make sure that you leave your contact details. This course is available to anyone over the age of 18 (under 18's only if agreed with Janette at the beginning of the course where she will need to speak to a parent to confirm if she feels this course will be right for you.)

 Janette has successfully tutored students on her course for over a year and many are now working with spirit very successfully.

Equipment that you will need to complete this course.

Initially Janette suggests that you have some cheap loose A4 paper (Tesco or Sainsburys economy paper is ideal)

A clipboard

Pencils - Janette suggests for anyone that is totally new to drawing portraits, that they invest in a mechanical (clutch) pencil that can be found in most stationers and even supermarkets these days.

A putty rubber (usually sold in Whsmith, art shops or eBay) as these are marvellous tools as well as good erasers.

Important Please read

If you should decide that this course is not for you after the initial one hour assessment there will be a charge of £30 deducted from the fee (Janette Oakman's normal hourly rate is £60),  she is happy to waiver her full fee. After each weeks exercises has been set, there will be a £15 fee. So for example if you have the initial assessment and then decide to go forward, there will be a charge of £45 that will be deducted before a refund would be given.

A teacher can open a doorway for you but only you the student can walk through it. Janette is very happy to mentor you through your course but she can not make any promises as to how far you will progress, every students learning rate will be different and also will be affected by the effort that the student themselves put in to the course.

 You can book your place on this course by following this link

Online Psychic Art Course

 Soon as payment has been received you will be joined to the private Facebook group




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