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click the link below  to watch a short video explaining what a spirit portrait is and how psychic artists work.


Many psychic artists question as to why I call myself a psychic artist and the reason is simple, I create all forms of psychic art and this I believe is the best way to describe myself. Over the coming days you will find that I will add many details and examples of all the different forms of art that I create and I hope that maybe I will inspire you to perhaps try your hand at one of the many different forms.
Here are a few words that one of my guides gave me just as I was about to give a talk to a circle on psychic art.
 Art is an illusion created by the artist to bring comfort and support and also offer help to those that feel to low to feel the support network around them.

Through diagrams we can uncover hidden truths through the guise of shapes that have been created and the tune they tell can enrich ones existence here on the earth plane; if they are open and susceptible to it.


The flowing colours all tell a tale and should sing on the lips of the medium as fine an aria as on an opera singer?s vocal chords.


The hidden message is always there to be seen if not today then tomorrow, healing the wounds that life has created.


Approach your work however it is deemed for you to do so, with an open mind and tender heart for every person you create an image for, if through words or drawings is as delicate as the petals upon the rose. Be the sunshine and not the wind within their garden of time and you shall also reap the rewards as does every gardener who is willing to work hard toiling the soil upon earth.


Let your imagination flow like the water within a fountain and your droplets will touch many people and not just the person you thought you were helping as every action has a reaction; that is the law.

Follow the following links to find out more information or to see some of my artwork.
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