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Spirit Portraits

So What Is A Spirit Portrait?



A spirit portrait is a portrait that has been drawn by a medium who is in touch with the artistic side of their mediumship. They are able with the wisdom of spirit to draw a portrait that resembles someone in spirit. Sometimes that person may be a loved one, a neighbour or even a colleague and sometimes the person may be someone that they have never met, or have yet to met. Spirit decide as to whom is to be drawn and on occasion they may inspire the medium to draw a portrait of someone that is in fact still living. When this happens it is nothing to worry about, so often we send our thoughts out to those that we know are ill or going through a lot at the moment and when we pass over to the spirit world, we still have the same personality, so if we would send our thoughts when here, we would send our thoughts out if we were in spirit. This is spirits way of letting you know that they are thinking of them.

So how do spirit choose as to whom should be drawn, well that is down to what is happening in your life at the moment, you see each portrait holds an enormous amount of spirit energy and it could be that on that day, the wisdom of your neighbour is needed more around you than your mother's. Spirit will bring forward whom they feel will benefit us the most. We also have to take in to account that if when your mother was here she wouldn't have liked having her photo taken, then the chances are that she might not like having her portrait taken.

Sometimes the portrait will look similar to how they were the last time they took a breath here on the earth plane and sometimes they may look twenty years younger, an age when you may not have even known them, this is their own personal choice to be drawn in this way or spirit realise that the medium would be better at capturing them at this age. Sometimes the portrait may display signs of their physical illness whilst they were here for example, a stroke victim may have a dropped face on one side and others will show themselves looking fitter than you ever remembered them being. 

There are also many occasions when a portrait that has been drawn is not recognised by yourself and you show it to others, maybe friends or relatives and they will recognise the portrait. Sometimes a period of time will travel before the portrait is identified, there has been many reports of this happening. Just like all forms of mediumship, spirit portraiture is very much experimental and it is my belief that it is also in its infancy, which is why I travel around the country promoting psychic art.

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Please note that all readings are to be considered as for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot guarantee that any one person in particular will come forward to be drawn. If you do not recognise the person I cannot offer a refund as you are paying for my time and you may not recognise them instantly, sometimes it can take awhile for you to realise whom has been drawn.

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