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Inspired by one of my guides


In the beginning we imagine that so many wonderful things can happen to us and that as we begin our spiritual journey that great gifts and comforts can come to us but sadly this isn’t always the case. Sometimes part of your journey is that of struggling and learning to cope with those struggles. But brethren never fear never worry for we always only have your greater interests at heart and sometimes that may mean a deviation from the greater plan for a short while.

In the meadow stands a lonely lamb it is white and fluffy and it looks forward to eating the bright green grass but sometimes to make that grass as green as possible and nutritious as possible we have to allow the rain to fall upon the pastures.

Be the lamb within your own desires and allow the rains to fall and await the sunshine as the sun will shine upon your pastures once the storms have been allowed to violently gather around you. Then when you hear the crack of thunder and you see the bolt of lightening you will be amazed by the calmness that will follow.

Be at one with yourself as often as you can, do not be deterred from the pathway that you are taking as the pathway does truly be paved with gold if you follow steadfastly and without interruption of earthly worries and concerns. Give your trust to the almighty spirit who sees all, feels all and say,

Dear Almighty spirit, I give you my trust as you are my true father, my grandfather, my mother, my grandmother and myself. Then and only then will you find yourself at peace within your own world.

So next time you encounter a situation within your own life that you are struggling to understand or to cope with, you will feel the Almighty spirits presence within your dilemmas and you will know, just as a father watches over his young, so will the Almighty watch over you.

Wisdom is cheap and easy to find when you realise that you live within the bookstore of knowledge.


copyright Janette Oakman 15th April 2011

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