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Mediumship Responsibility Every Medium Is Responsible

As the title implies, every medium is responsible for being responsible when working as a medium, but sadly I have heard time and again that not all mediums do follow this very simple but important rule.

Over the years I have heard many horror stories of what ‘mediums’ have told people during a reading, ‘your granddad will die in two years time’, ‘your husband will have a bad accident during the next year’, ‘your mother is stuck to the earth plane and needs someone to rescue her’ information that I as a medium question and so should have the medium who gave them this information, these people were really badly affected by what they were told. Mediumship responsibility should have been used. The mediums should have spent a few moments wondering as to how it would affect them to be given this information, it is too late afterwards.

As a medium you are held in a position of trust, similar to doctors, nurses, lawyers etc don’t abuse this trust

Always think before you speak

Always look carefully at who you are about to speak to, before you speak

Privacy at all times. You will have people confide in you, this is not information that should be shared with others, don’t abuse your position of trust

Always refer people to other agencies as and when needed, for example The Samaritans, the police, Ask Frank, the doctor etc

Always give the upmost respect to those in spirit, do not abuse their trust in you, if you for example wouldn’t call your spirit communicator ugly if they were in the room with you, don’t describe them as ugly to their loved ones.. yes I have also witnessed a medium doing this.

Always work within the realms of love, their loved ones would never give us bad things to pass on to their relative and friends. If you are given horrible things to pass on question the source of where this information is coming from

Always remember that our job as a medium is to bring comfort, hope, understanding and also evidence to support, that our loved ones do continue on without their earthly overcoats and that they also retain their own personalities


© Janette Oakman 2nd October 2012



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