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In this section you will find an easy to understand explanation of the different forms of mediumship. Please do pop back often as I plan to add a lot more information to this section.

Forms Of Mental Mediumship

Clairvoyance - To see clearly

 The medium sees images or scenes similar to watching a video. This can occur either inside the head or outside of the head but it is only heard by the medium. When a medium sees someone outside of their own head, the person in spirit can appear as real as a living person.


Clairaudience - To hear clearly

 The medium will hear words or even sentences, either with their own thought voices or they may hear the actual voice of the person communicating from the spirit world. This may occur either inside the mediums head or outside just as they would hear you if you were to speak to them. Only the medium will hear the voice.


Clairsentience - To sense clearly

 A medium may sense with their own bodies ailments or take on habits that the person in spirit may have had whilst they were living. Many clairsentient mediums will say they ‘become’ the communicator, this doesn’t mean that the medium has been ‘taken over’ by the person in spirit.


Claircognizance - To know clearly

 This is where a medium just knows, they don’t know why they know, they just know. They can talk and everything makes sense to the person that has been given this information from someone in spirit. The medium isn’t conscious of having used any of the other forms of mediumship to acquire this information.


Clairgustance - To taste clearly

 This is where a medium whilst giving a message from someone in spirit will actually taste something in their mouth as though they themselves have eaten it.


Clairalience - To smell clearly

 This form of mediumship is widely known as many that don’t feel they are mediums will smell ‘granddads cigar’ or ‘grandmas perfume’ or as I have on numerous occasions whilst working the smell of dirty feet, lavender etc etc Many have been brought great comfort from smelling a recognizable smell that they associate from someone they love in the spirit world and this often happens shortly after the person has passed over. On many occasions but not all, when this smell is around others may be able to smell it as well.

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