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Mediumship Is Just Like Driving A Car

In the early days mediumship can be very similar to driving a car. When you start to learn to drive, you have to understand the gears, know which pedal to use and how much pressure to use, judge distances, remember to indicate, keep looking behind you through your rear view mirror, keep looking ahead of you as you need to know where you are going, pre empt what the person infront of you is going to do, pre empt what the person behind is going to do, pre empt what everyone at every junction you drive past is going to do, pre empt if the traffic lights are going to change or not, concentrate on your speed, concentrate on the pedestrains, make sure you are always 3ft away from any parked car, remember to indicate and then put someone else in the car that expects you to talk to them!

But just like learning to drive a car, it doesn't take too long before you are naturally doing all of the above without even giving it too much thought. A good friend of mine Bill Forrester psychic artist says its when we are doing scared spider impressions, you have arms and legs going everywhere! must admit I do like that visualisation.

Now if the person learning to drive can have a bit of understanding as to why they have to do each thing whilst driving, it can help the 'need to do it' to sink in. For example, if you stay in first gear you will ruin your gear box... a medium that isn't on the right level of awareness will NOT be able to give good spirit communication, as they won't be tuned n properly.

When learning to drive you must be aware of everything happening around you, if not you may miss something very important eg a child running into the road.. a medium must be aware of their whole body whilst working or they could miss some very good evidence that their body is picking up (a large part of my mediumship is done this way as I am a strong clairsentinent - clear feeling)

The traffic lights work in a certain way - we know when driving that if the green light goes amber that very soon it is going to be red and we must stop the car, so we start to slow down (of course checking the rear view mirror first) - many mediums recieve symbols from their guides when they are working, for example one medium I know will always see daffodils when there is a passing in January, another medium I know always knows there is a baby due to be born here soon when she sees rhubarb (long story).. so during your devleopment you might start to see that you always seem to see the same symbol and that it has the same meaning each time.. you will also have symbolic symbols given to you that you may need to either just give straight to the person you are giving a reading to or you may have to decipher the symbol for them.

so let's go back,

You and a passenger get in to your car and put on your seat belts - Protection very important and grounding

You put the key in the ignition - you have shown intention to work

You turn the key in the ignition - you connect with your guides

You pull off from the side of the road - you tune in to see if there is anyone in spirit that would like to communicate 

you are driving your car - this is now you the medium

all traffic lights you see are now signs from your guides

the passenger in your car is now the person you are giving a reading to

the person driving a car infront of you is now your spirit communicator - never take your eyes off of them, hold them in your mind at all times. If they change direction and you have a new person driving infront of you, then you have a new spirit communicator to work with now..

Whilst watching them you will notice that they do odd things.. for example indicate to drive around a parked car - we as mediums need to notice these things when working. They may pull over and pick someone up - is it a male or female, how old, are they related? Notice anything about the way they walked or stood up? What hair colour they have etc etc

Now as living people we know that when a car infront of us stops to pick someone up that it is rare for anyone to do this for someone they have never known and that in the majority of cases it is because they belong to the same family group etc (unless the word taxi appears on the roof of the vechile of course lol)

When we are driving we have to apply the right pressure to the gas pedal to keep at a good speed and then maintain that speed - a medium has to make sure they are working on the correct level for what they are doing. A medium cannot give off to someone spirit communication if for example they are actually working on the psychic level, so it is important to start noticing what level you are actually working on.

Whilst driving our car we will use our eyes, our ears, our gut instincts, sometimes sense of smell (bonfires, car fires, manure, petrol etc) as mediums we use clear seeing, clear feeling, clear hearing, clear tasting, clear smelling

When we have finsihed our journey we will find somewhere safe to park our car, we will lock it up and this is also very similar to mediumship as we will close down, we will thank our guides for a lovely experience of working with them again. Just as our passenger may say, thank you for taking me to the shops for example..

I hope that this article has helped you to understand that, it may all sound very confusing at the beginning but if you allow it to, mediumship will become a lot easier the more often you do it and soon it will be as easy as driving a car.

God bless you all and thank you to my guides for helping me write this article for you all

copyright Janette Oakman

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