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Latest News - Last update 19th February 2018


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Janette Oakman - Medium-Artist-Writer-Teacher

I would like to apologise to anyone that had wanted to attend my residential art course in Great Yarmouth. Sadly I have had a close family bereavement and felt that I had to cancel. I do plan to rearrange the course in the very near future

New Videos

I am very pleased to say that I have been working very hard and now you can find over 60 videos on my YouTube channel and there are still many more planned.

There are new meditation videos as well as videos where you can see me drawing spirit portraits but also there is a new playlist called 'Do you know who this is?' here you will find videos of me drawing portraits and giving mediumship with them. Do you recognise anyone that I've drawn and can take the information given?

I have also started a new playlist for all those that wish to learn to draw

Please visit my YouTube channel by clicking on the eye below

Psychic Art Section

I am always updating the photographic evidence that goes with my portraits, so do pop back often to see if I've added any new ones.  

I am currently updating the psychic art section of my website. Please do check it out often as I plan to have a lot more information and portraits there for you all to see over the next few days. Psychic Art 

Photos that have been shared with me of people in spirit that Janette Oakman has drawn can be seen by following this link. This page will be updated often so do pop back when you can

You can purchase a Psychic Art Reading by following this link


Private Parties

Have you got some friends that would love to have a reading? Why not invite them round and Janette will come along and give yourself and your friends all a private reading. Please contact Janette to find out how much it would cost for her to come out to you.

Ring Janette on 07984 777917 or email her at janette_oakman@hotmail.com

Corporate Events

Janette is also able to cater to anyone that wants a corporate event held. This could be a group workshop, private readings or a demonstration of mediumship etc please do contact her to see how she can help you.

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