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Spirit Portrait drawn by Janette Oakman drawn 25 4 2013

A Journey with spirit artist Janette Oakman as she draws a spirit portrait


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Whilst developing as a medium I decided to also explore the artistic side of my mediumship and after a few years of learning the basics of drawing a face, now my guides can inspire me to draw a portrait.

The portraits I draw can be of someone that has passed to spirit or they could still be alive. Usually when the person is still living it is because someone in spirit is thinking of them at the moment, perhaps they are a bit poorly or there is a significant event around them at that time. It doesn't happen as often but sometimes it could be a guide that I draw.

Most psychic artists are strong clairsentinents (they have strong clear feelings) and in my case I do not see whom I am drawing, so I don't get to see who is being drawn until the portrait is finished as quite often I will see others as I am drawing within that drawing.


information comes from the person I am drawing and on other occasions it could be someone that is linked to the person I am drawing.

Just as when other mediums are working and they have no control over who is coming through from spirit it is the same for spirit portrait artists, it could be a loved one, a neighbour, someone you worked with once etc

I often work with other mediums in churches, when this happens I don't usually get much information to go with the drawing as the medium is usually the one to give the message.

If you would like to see lots of examples of my spirit portraits then please follow this link Portraits where you will be able to see many portraits, you might even recognise someone that has yet to be claimed. You can see some Spirit Guide Portraits by following this link

If you would like to have a spirit portrait drawn then please go to my page 'Request a reading' where you can purchase one through paypal (you don't have to join paypal to pay that way)


If you are interested in having a postal reading, please email me at janette_oakman@hotmail.com for further details.

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