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So what is inspirational writing?

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Janette Oakman

Some may say they are inspired to talk or to write about certain subjects by a person or a guide in the spirit world but as a matter of fact, there is a lot of belief to make us wonder if this is in fact the case. You see, there are a lot of people that believe, when you are inspired to write, you are actually being inspired to write by your own spirit, your own higher spirit. This may sound confusing, but if this is the case, then we should all be able to do inspirational writing as long as we have first mastered the art of being able to communicate with our own higher spirit.

Is our conscience our higher spirit? Is it that little voice that tells us we shouldn’t do something or inspires us to give an impossible task a chance, as we might be able to do it?

I personally believe that in a lot of cases, this could be very true but not in all cases. For example, I wouldn’t know where to begin to write a parable, yet in the past I have written inspirationally parables and they are also worded in ways that I wouldn’t normally talk… so could that really be my inner spirit? Would this then mean that I talk like this normally but just didn’t realise it? Or could this mean that in the past I lived a life where I did actually speak like that?

I also personally believe that with each question comes a million other questions and that to seek the real truth, we must look within ourselves, deep deep down. If it brings comfort to us or those around us when we share it with them, does it really matter as to where it comes from? A newborn baby takes the nipple of a bottle in to its mouth with full trust, as it is hungry and at that moment, the newborn baby knows this is what it wants. After the feed the newborn baby settles happily and will sleep quite contently, the baby doesn’t know where the milk came from; it just knew at that very moment, it needed to drink the milk to be happy again. So does it matter to the baby if the milk came from its mother or from another source? I think we would all have to answer no to that question.

When the newborn baby is cuddled, it knows that its mother is holding it. It recognises the smell and voice of its mother… sometimes a baby only wants its mother and on other occasions it is happily held by another. They don’t really mind who holds them, they just want to feel secure in their arms.

So next time you read a piece of inspirational writing, I invite you to read it with the newborn baby’s eyes… After you have read the piece, if you found comfort, ask yourself this question, was it the food that you needed this time or was it a cuddle?

© Janette Oakman 11 May 2008

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