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                         Candles in the wind

                                   Inspired by spirit

                              Written by Janette Oakman

As the light breeze from the window danced around the room, it found a partner in the candles flame. Between them they swaggered and lingered and waltzed around the room, a beautiful sight most certainly. When it was time for the breeze to depart for it had out lived its purpose, the candle shed a waxy tear, hoping that the breeze would once again come to dance, the dance only two friends can share.

Some may think that they were not an ideal pair to dance as one could so easily have wiped out the other, but sometimes it is the extreme difference that makes a dance so special. We see it so often if we truly open our eyes, we see the moon dance upon a dark and bleak ocean, we see a rain drop sit and talk for awhile upon a flowers petal. If we are truly lucky we may see a smile upon a gardeners face when a new weed enters his garden, one that he decides to leave for the moment as it’s so beautiful. How many times have we seen two nations that have drawn blood upon the other, suddenly produce two lovers?

This beauty isn’t out there just to please the eye, but to lift our hearts and to show us that we can all get along in harmony, if only we could all loose our concrete beliefs that one thing should always be one way.

Have you witnessed true beauty today or did it pass you by?


                    The River That Flows Freely

                                     Inspired by spirit

                               Written by Janette Oakman

The river that flows freely down the mountain’s side is the river of freedom and hope, for along its tide and white waters are the boulders of personal success and the trees that line the river’s bed are the knowledge that one gathers as they travel down the stream of life and journey.

With each beaver or owl maybe even an otter, lays a heart that focuses on one thing, to bring safe haven and food to its family. Never do they wander off the given track for their final destination unless man has come along and interfered with its road.

If only man could travel down the stream of life, not allowing shiny trivia etc to cloud it’s vision and seduce him onto a different stream, a wild current so rapid that the mans heart beats at an incredible pace. For man to succeed in every mission that the great clouds above have set for him, he must try beyond all material matter to stay within the mountains stream, letting himself flow with the fish that the great river spirit placed there to help feed his mortal body.

These are visions that many a man has seen for himself but so few actually achieve this… take away your clocks, take away your lusts for a different world and so many more would reach the golden gates at the end…

An Angel Kissed Me Today

An angel kissed me today but I did not notice

I was busy thinking of the bills I have to pay

An angel kissed me today but I did not realise

I was picking up the washing and putting it away

An angel kissed me today but I did not hear her

I was busy dusting the shelves and hoovering the floor

An angel kissed me today but I did not see her

I was busy pealing vegetables and cooking dinner

An angel kissed me today but I did hug her

I was busy making my bed and fluffing my pillow

An angel kissed me today but I did not feel her

I was busy reading my book and putting it away

I was sad today, for I hadn’t been kissed again today.

I was sad today, no one had spoken to me again today

I was sad today, no one had visited me again today

I was sad today, no one had hugged me again today

copyright Janette Oakman

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