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Grounding and Protection


As you begin your journey in to the developing of your psychic and mediumistic abilities, I would like you to view your body as a vehicle and just as a car has to be driven safely for the benefit of the driver, passengers and the other road users, so a medium must also take necessary precautions before embarking on this journey and every other time they decide to use their body as a vehicle in this way.


To ground yourself to the earth

Imagine yourself standing in a field

Wiggle your toes

Imagine roots like a tree growing from each toe and allow those roots to travel down to the centre of the earth so that you will be firmly rooted. Just as a tree needs roots to hold it firm and still, so do you.

Some people find it very hard to follow my previous example on how to ground, so here is another example..

Imagine yourself in the stocks, with your feet locked in so you can’t escape, pull the ends of a padlock together and do it up with a very strong key.

Whilst using one of the above examples, ask your guides to come forward and to help you ground yourself to the earth.


After you have ground yourself, imagine a bright white light about six feet above your head and pull down this bright white light and let it completely surround you. It is a living energy, feel it swirling around you.

Whilst doing this, ask your guides to only allow you to work with the highest of energies and always and only within the realms of love.

Allow yourself to sit and breathe in this lovely pure energy, feel the love as it envelopes you

© Janette Oakman 2nd October 2012



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