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Ghoul's Night Out later inspired me to write a few scripts based on this character for children.

Ghouls Night Out

Everything was really quiet that night, even the clouds were whispering as the wind blew gently, trying to not wake the leaves on the trees. To say there was a ghostly atmosphere around the village would be a lie, for there was nothing ghostly about the full moon as it awoke so many of both the dead and the living.

For on hallows eve, many didn’t realise, but it is in fact, the eve before all saints day. The day when all those that were good, would walk the earth, blessing those that they crossed on their pathways.

Now, this particular hallows eve, something seemed to have gone very wrong. For in England, they had for so many years, swapped the time around. This eventually led to such confusion for the dearly departed souls that wanted to roam. That many both the evil and the good came out a day early or even a day late.

So, when everyone had only just sighed their sigh of relief for the yk2 bugs, again terror struck the earth, well England anyway. Total confusion walked the quaint old streets that night. Even big Ben didn’t dare echo its chimes.

Celebrating Halloween was pretty new to England; really it only came about because of all the American films and TV programmes. So it was hardly a surprise that when people saw both, the ghouls and goblins alongside the saints and angels that they didn’t even batter an eyelid, in fact, they offered them a treat.

Now from one flesh eating zombie to another, this was very unnerving, instead of being like the previous years, where children and the old ran away screaming, instead they laughed and patted them on the back for having such brilliant make up and costumes.

However much maggot infested flesh they showed, the more they laughed. It kind of blows a zombies confidence a bit to be honest, there had never been so many depressed and pissed off zombies out at one time before.

Now for the saints, they thought all their birthdays had come at once. Never had they seen so many souls needing help. They did admit to each other though, that they were surprised at just how many young witches there were these days. Even the black cats seemed to have been breeding a lot recently as they roamed the streets.

When you have been dead a few hundred years, you kind of start to run out of ideas for finding people to scare, usually people hid within their horrible nice warm homes. Many stood around in amazement, never in all the years they had roamed the earth on hallows eve, did it occur to them to knock on the front door. This made them feel even sillier, for surely you would have thought that, at least one of them would have come up with that idea?

One particular zombie, who was determined to learn some of these new tricks, decided to tag along with a few of the young witches, being very mindful for his safety, because the last thing he needed was to have an evil spell cast upon him.

“Are you going to Johnny’s party?” a particular ugly witch asked him, trying not to be put off by her horrible smell, he nodded his head. This was no easy feat, for the first time he had tried to do that, it had nearly fallen completely off his neck. Eventually he was brave enough and followed the witch.

Feeling very nervous, he looked around the crowded room. He counted at least six witches and luckily only three black cats. The five headless ghouls didn’t bother him much, nor did Frankenstein’s monster. It wasn’t very long before everyone was called into a dark room.

There he was urged to sit upon the floor, nervously he copied everyone else. The ugly witch from earlier got a small black object and then held an even smaller black object and made a scary magic box start talking. Being very mindful to stay away from the witch, he watched in awe as a story started to be told inside the magic box.

It didn’t take him long to recognise his old mate Count Dracula and he almost smiled to know that his friend was about. In horror he watched an ugly old man grab a stake and plunge it into his heart. ‘God these witches and ghouls are sick in the head!’ he screamed inside his head, terrified he knew he had to escape.

No sooner had he moved when the witch grabbed his arm, nearly pulling it out of its socket. The next thing he knew he was blind, not a thing could he see as the witch seemed to have blinded him with a cloth.

The next thing he knew, he was drowning in a pool of disgusting clean water and all he could hear was the laughter around him. Scared beyond fear itself, he pulled away and ran out of the door so quickly, that he almost left some of his body behind him.

Running for safety he found a graveyard and found a saint sitting idly on a tombstone. Right before him he pulled his own head off, then each arm followed by his legs. Then he made the saint promise to never let him have any of his bits and pieces back again for the rest of eternity!

It wasn’t long before word got out, as even though his head was not longer on his neck, his tongue still told the horrifying tale he had seen.

All the hallowed decided there and then, it was just too dangerous to come out on Halloween anymore and that they would only ever come out on All Saints Day in the future.

© Janette Oakman

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