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If you were to ask me as to what is the longest word in the dictionary, the answer would be... Eternity.

You see many of us have started to become aware of the world of spirit and its teachings and have heard as to how the human soul lives on forever and that our body is but an overcoat whilst we are on the earth plane.

Yet many of you have yet to understand the full implications as to what this can mean.

If the soul lives on forever and has the ability to communicate with others both in the world of spirit and with us on the earth plane, how does this affect us in our every day lives?

Every deed that we do on earth is held in a database within our aura, every thought we have is also recorded. So we must all learn to curb these thoughts and these desires that let us and tempt us to stray upon our pathways.

If you consider the planet earth and how without knowledge the earlier generations have created holes in ozone layers, species of animals to become extinct... the fact that they knew this was going to happen or not, does not change the fact that their decisions will be reflected for eternity.

Curb your thoughts of anger and hatred and replace them with love and understanding or for a wish to understand the doings of others and you could change eternity, not just for yourselves but also for your children and your childrens children.

Be pure of body and spirit, live your life as wholesome as you can, be true to you and to others and this will reflect upon the earth and the world of spirit.

So many of you have desires to reach to the spirit world during your earthly existence for guidance or for comfort, when comfort and guidance can be just as easily achieved through thoughts and listening.

By keeping your thoughts centred on good, you will attract good into your lives and that good will walk with you throughout eternity.

Why walk in another mans shadow, when you could walk along your own rainbow.

Harsh words are never easy to hear, kind ones are hidden even deeper... empty your minds of clutter, keep your mind focussed on what is important and your pathways will become easier and less cluttered with worry.

Worry about what you can change and ask for guidance for those that you cannot change.

Eternal progress is available to every living soul, learn to tap into this heavenly knowledge whilst you are here in your earthly overcoat and you will walk with a lighter step... and that step will take you to the God light, the eternal light and to freedom for future generations to come.

copyright Janette Oakman

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