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Today as I was painting, I knew that who I was drawing was very high up spiritually within the realms of knowledge. The spiritualness oozed within me as I painted and when I finished I asked if there was a name and I heard.... Emflower... I asked if spirit could repeat it to me as I thought I'd heard wrong, so they showed me how to spell it... Empower and then I clicked, it is a message to us all and not the guides name.

Empower is what we should all do, we should all allow ourselves to see and to hear all the things that we constantly ask from our guides, the heavens etc. Even though we say this with our hearts, we say it with our thoughts we don't really say it with our bodies.

Imagine going to a football match... there you are on the side lines shouting out... 'get a goal'...'wow i'm so proud of you'... our voices are raised, our words are encouraging and yet if we look at our bodies, we are standing stiff upright, not even smiling.... so our body language is telling everyone else a very different story to our words.

Empower yourself today, give yourself permission to hear and to feel all the power around you. Power can come in many different forms and where a flame can be ignited within us with a match, it can also be ignited with a drop of water, a seed from a chapter of words....

When you are ready, all the information you are asking for will come to you... there is no point in a professor giving you the latest mathamatical breakthrough equation if you haven't worked out how to add two plus two yet....

So walk forward today and Empower will emflower your world... we are all there waiting for you but please come to us at your own pace and not that of others... empowering yourself is also making sure that you are the one in charge of when your powers are used.

God bless the ministry of Angels

copyright Janette Oakman

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