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Oh dear, I was very angry with someone when I wrote this short story... Men read on if you dare!


Egnever’s Revenge

Inwardly she raged like a furnace, nearing its pressure point… slowly the little red arrow, moving to the danger level… the level of no return… the level where no beast nor man could possibly survive; without first having suffered her wrath and their eventual doom.

Firmly etched with a sharp cutting piercing knife, was his image, an image so gruesome, the faint hearted would flee for cover. A form where horror stories where visualized as reality!

The only problem to this tale is, she was not some faint heart soul, without any fire in her veins, but a monster, a monster of the worse form and about to seek her revenge!

No one would dare, to do the things to her and her own, that he had done and she was determined to be-little his grotesqueness with that of her own. To see his fallen mangled form displayed in severed parts for the whole world to spit upon!

She would be victor, and victory was the lowest she would aim for; in her travels to hunt him down. He may be an ex con, hiding in shadows, but she wasn’t, she would stand out in the light of day, throwing her arms in rage and torment, casting her spell upon his unfortunate soul, until she could taste the sweet warm taste of his very quivering blood. The very same blood, that would trickle down the sharpness of her blade of revenge at the end of her travels.

Because he would quiver, quiver with fear, and also with regret for having crossed the path of a scorned lioness. For his death would be so terrifying that vampires and demons would run for cover and the devil himself would grow a heart and feel sympathy for him, as he himself pitied the fool.

Egnever, again threw her arms to the heavens, this time she called upon every single scorned female who had ever walked the earth, asking them for the power and evil thoughts to be able to carry out her plan successfully.

Instead they bestowed Egnever with, ‘intuition, compassion and righteousness’

Listening to her angry plea, the clouds of anger and compassion moved to cover the once bright sunshine, swearing to remain still, still until Loofnam had been eradicated. Every single flower in the land and beyond, wilted its head until they could again be loved. Not an essence of their perfume would be released until, again it was safe for a woman to live upon the mortal plane; without fear of ridicule and innuendoes and with confidence.

So with the darkness of impending doom, Egnever cried her last tear, for she would never cry again, until Loofnam had learnt his lesson and taken his place with death as his only neighbour.

A neighbour that would refuse him entry, for even death had limitations. Death was only allowed to mortals that had learnt their lessons in life, for the likes of Loofnam, they had to travel the lower denser planes of grey and evilness, never to rest their souls as they searched for eternity and more for the doorway to realization.

A realization that would never take place, for Egnever was determined to sever his very soul into minute parts, taking him to the plane of madness, as he would never be able, to find them all. Yes, he would live throughout eternity, like those of the headless chickens, never being able to comprehend what had happened.

Then the devil himself would help Egnever, by constantly fooling him into believing that the severed parts were still there… His screams of torture and pain being so loud, that not another man, would dare scorn a woman again.


With the intuition Egnever scoured the earth, looking into every port and hole. Looking for Loofnam, for he had left his trail, in his quake. With every step that she took, the stronger the smell of fear, had lingered. For no man was stupid enough to believe, that a woman scorned; would not want her eventual revenge. With every step she hungered more for the sweet taste of his warm blood and licked her lips thirstily. Laughing into the face of the devil, whom shied away in fear.

Seeing the look of terror in his eyes, Egnever knew that she had, at last found him. Loofnam looked into the sweet face of death and scorn, the eyes were so fierce in their stare, that he could feel their burning knife as they cut through his soul, severing him into a million pieces and the nothingness, that he really was.

With her compassion, Egnever drank his squirming blood hungrily from the floor of his eventual demise, not a droplet did she miss as she smiled the smile of righteousness as she heard his scream of terror, as he breathed his last breath. Then she spat upon him!

Then when all last traces of Loofnam had rotted away, Egnever again lifted her arms to the heavens. She told the heavens to take her mortal body and to share the wisdom within it, with all women, so they would always know that, they could beat the likes of Loofnam.

As the clouds, again moved, so allowing the flowers to lift their wilting heads, and let their sweet perfumes to be released again. Egnever looked into the face of heaven itself, feeling with joy and exuberance as her own body was severed into a million pieces and bestowed upon all women.

Egnever, is happily resting in every woman today. As she reminds them monthly, of the blood of Loofnam, that she had drank to release them and she lets it flow from their bodies. Within that flow of blood, she shares the compassion, intuition and righteousness that had been bestowed upon her.

Since the day of Loofnam’s demise, he still roams the lesser planes, as a lesson to all men, who fear the clouds as they buy their flowers in guilt, never wanting to meet the wrath of a woman scorned!

© Janette Oakman

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