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Developing As A Medium - The Early Days


One of the best pieces of advice anyone could ever give you at the beginning of this wonderful journey of discovery, which is not only about yourself but also of the wonders of spirit is; to go searching without a shopping list.

 If you have set ideas of what you would like to do, it can stop the things from coming to you that would suit you. Trust in spirit and know that they always have your best interests at heart. They will place you in the right places at the right times if you let them.

The journey of discovery of how to use your psychic abilities is a journey that will last the whole of this lifetime and then beyond that as well.

So don't race up your pathway in a porsche, be happy to settle for the sturdy old fiesta.. plod along remembering to always live in the real world as well. Then when new information comes to you, you will have reached it at a speed in which you will not only be able to understand but also to accept.

So good luck on your journey, as I am sure you have a wonderful one ahead of you. If the circle in stevenage is meant for you, then the doors will open.. there will be many other oppotunties put your way

God bless

 Janette Oakman

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