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Runograph Readings


A runograph is a combination of an auragraph and a rune stone reading.

The image created will show many symbols and also rune stones and the whole reading will be read giving you a quite indepth reading that should focus in most cases on one third on your past, one third on your now and one third on  your potential future.

This reading was invented by Janette Oakman and her guides to combine both readings as they know that many would gain a much more indepth reading this way and there is a lot of guidance within the reading.

If you live in the UK the image will be posted to you free of charge by regular first class mail, as well as sent to you via email. If you live in the UK and you wish to have the original artwork sent to you, please email Janette Oakman for a quote of postage and packaging costs.

Please note that all readings should be classed in the Uk as for entetainment purposes only and as a medium Janette Oakman cannot be held liable for any decisions you may decide to make based on this reading.

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