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Spirit Guide Portrait - A2 - approx 420 x 594 mm



  Would you like a large portrait of your guide? Janette Oakman will draw one of your spirit team of helpers / guides for you on A2 paper. (approx. 16.5 inches x 22.5 inches). Janette will use dry watercolour pencils  to create your portrait. If you would rather have your portrait in black and white please let Janette know when you pay at paypal

 This would make a wonderful present for someone, especially if they are having a naming ceronomy, if this is the case please do let Janette know at the time of ordering and the date of the ceronomy etc so she can make sure it arrives with you in plenty of time.

 The portrait will be posted to you flat or in a tube depending on your location or preference if you have one, so that it will not have any fold lines etc A photo will also be taken of the image and emailed to you privately along with a copy of the message.

 This is a unique portrait, drawn especially for you. Janette will work closely with her own team of spirit inspirers and artsits and guides. These large portraits can take up to five hours to complete. Each portrait will also come with a message from the guide that has been drawn.

 Please note that Janette can only draw a guide that spirit wish her to draw, as she totally trusts their decision in whom they feel would be best to step forward to be drawn.

As the artist and creator of the portrait Janette Oakman will remain the owner of the copyright for the image. 

By law you are advised that all forms of readings are classed as for entertainment and as such Janette Oakman cannot and will not be held liable for any decisions that you may wish to make because of this reading.

 Due to the length of time and energy it requires to create this portrait and the costs involved no refunds can be offered but Janette Oakman states that if she is unpleased with the artwork herself she wouldn't hesitate to make a full refund.

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