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Auragraph Reading


Auragraphs are a creative visualisation of the aura. So this reading will be for a drawing to be created that represents your aura and afterwards Janette Oakman will read it to you, in a very similar way to reading oracle cards etc but it will be a lot more personal and at the end of the reading you should have a lovely drawing as well as a reading.

If you would like me to draw your portrait from a photo as part of your auragraph, please email me a photo of yourself or the person for whom the auragraph is for to janette_oakman@hotmail.com

We all have an energy field around us called an aura and it holds all the information about us and as a psychic medium Janette works closely with her guides to pic up things about you. Imagine that aura is like a computer database, everything you've done, or are doing or potentially should be able to do in the future will be within that energy field.

Please send Janette Oakman a recent photo of yourself or if you have brought this as a gift for someone a photo of the person you have ordered it for. You can send it to her through facebook or by email at janette_oakman@hotmail.com


Please note that all readings are classed as for entertainment purposes only and as such Janette Oakman cannot and will not be held liable for any decisions or actions that you make after this reading has taken place.

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