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Spirit Portrait with a Reading


Spiritual Guidance and Clairvoyance

This is for a reading that will take place through Messenger. This works really well and you will be able to ask questions as the reading is taking place. If you live in the UK the reading can also take place by telephone

Reading session will last at least 30 minutes but please do allow up to an hour for this reading.

This reading also includes a spirit portrait A4 in size

Please note that if you live in the UK this portrait will be mailed to you through the post, if you live outside the UK please email me for the postage costs that will incur

Please note that all forms of readings are to be classed as for entertainment purposes only and any decision you may decide to make because of this reading, I will not and cannot be held responsible for. This is UK law

Please state your user name so I am able to contact you or a phone number if you wish to have your reading by phone

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