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You will recieve one spirit portrait.

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Drawn by Janette Oakman

Please note this offer is for only a portrait and it does not include a reading

Having developed the artistic side of my mediumship I am able to draw portraits of your loved ones, friends, work collegues, teachers, neighbours, guides etc most of the time who I draw is in spirit. There are occasions when I will draw someone that is still alive, when this happens, it is spirits way of saying that they are thinking of them.


Just with all forms of mediumship, a psychic artist has no control over whom they draw. If there is someone in particular that you'd like a portrait of, send them up your thoughts as you book your portrait as this could help them to come through.


I have worked both in churches, private events, private readings, psychic fayres and charity events drawing portraits and most portraits are accepted as to be someone that the person knows.


You often see psychic artists working in churches with other mediums and this is because whilst working with spirit in this way there isn't always a lot of information that comes with the portrait as in my case I am working very much on an inspirational level rather than a clairvoyant level but any information that I get whilst drawing for you would be passed on to you.


When your portrait is completed I will email the image to you, this way I can offer my services to other countries instead of just my own. If you particulary would like the original portrait please contact me and we can then discuss postage costs. I draw the portraits on A4 size paper.


Please note that this reading and any other reading that I offer should be classed as for entertainment purposes only and any decision you make after a reading from me I cannot and will not be held responsible for.


Sadly I cannot offer a refund if you don't recognise the person I have drawn as you are buying my time to draw the portrait

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