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Hi my name is Janette Oakman and I am a spiritualist medium, a writer and an artist. I live in Hertfordshire, England and have been spiritually aware of my mediumship side for over twenty years now. Saying this with a grandmother who was a medium and a grandfather for a healer, I was lucky enough to grow up within a family enviroment where hearing about people having readings was the norm... I remember wanting to have a reading as a small child, even though I didn't even know what one was, everyone was always so happy when they came home from seeing Ruby Harris or Mrs. Cutler, so I suppose it was natural for me to want one as well.

I can remember a family trip out to see Doris Collins working at Wembley, that was an amazing day but we didn't get any messages ourselves. Over the years I've been very lucky to meet a lot of brilliant mediums who may not have made the 'A' list of mediums, yet they inspired me want to find out more. So over the years I have read many books where I would take a bit from this one, a bit from that one and then oneday 'I knew'... if you have ever felt that feeling of 'knowing' you will know what I mean, if you haven't then imagine one day recieving a hundred answers to a hundred questions that you didn't even know you wanted to know... a real 'wow' moment for me.

 I'm not sure when I was first aware of spirit as it wasn't explained to me as to what clairvoyance was or clairaudience sounded like until 1991, but I most certainly had many experiences that I didn't understand... for example waking as a child to music still playing in your head, so beautiful that you couldn't even try and copy it... dreams that came true.. and so many examples of 'knowing I'd been there before, or done that before' In 1986 I didn't understand why or how I knew,yet I knew without a doubt that there was someone in my flat and this happened in the exact place where I had hung my grandmother's spirit guide portraits... I still have those portraits today. One portrait by Coral Polge, another by Rosa Parvin and the third by S.A. MacDonald.

12 years ago I took up painting and sadly stopped as there were so many people hiding in my paintings that it started to scare me a bit. Just a few months ago I took up painting again and this has opened up a whole new side of my psychic art that I had been developing.

I have ran a workshop online teaching others to use their psychic side and link with spirit, which has been amazing to do, for as the teacher I have learnt a lot and I do believe that I have a teacher within me that hungers to share with others what I have learnt over the years. There is no sweeter smile upon a face, than the smile of someone that has just given their first message to someone else...

Whilst working as medium I use, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentinence and clairknowing and I use all of these skills as a psychic artist. I work both as a spriit artist but also as an inspirational artist.

to be continued soon...

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